About Us

Ending Hunger.Together.

Muslims Charity Bakeries is a signature project of Muslims Giving Back, a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, New York. After years of successfully operating Need 2 Feed, a project focused on eradicating hunger in the homeless community of New York City, we decided to expand our horizons and help free our brothers and sisters from the shackles of hunger on a global scale.Over the last year we have established the Freedom Bakeries program, consisting of mobile feeding programs in Palestine (Gaza), Pakistan and Yemen. We also have immediate plans to open branches in Syria, Central Africa, and Bangladesh and will continue to grow as long as our work is needed. With the help of your donations, we have already helped to alleviate the pains of hundreds of families, and with your continued support, we will become a leading organization in the fight against hunger.

How We Work

Step 1.



All donations are processed using state of the art SSL 256-bit encryption.

Step 2.



Our team receives the funds and quickly allocates budget to distribute to areas that are in critical need of food.

Step 3.



Delivery is made to the needy in hard to reach areas such as remote villages, schools, and food shelters

Step 4.



We send all donors periodic emails notifying them of how funds were spent.

Step 5.



Food security provided tohundreds of families.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I know that this is a legitimate organization?

Great question - You have every right to ask how your funds are being utilized.Muslims Charity Bakeries is a project initiated by Muslims Giving Back. Based out of Brooklyn, New York over the past 8 years, Muslims Giving Back has been featured on multiple news channels and is known for being a reputable organization in the Muslim community in America. All aid distributed to needy families will be documented and donors will be updated frequently.

2. Who handles operations on the ground?

We have multiple operations managers and field coordinators that document and make sure help is actually being distributed to those in need. By partnering with established organizations such as Baitulmaal and Yemen Aid, we make sure that your donation goes to feeding the needy and enhancing the lives of our beneficiaries.

3. How does Muslims Charity Bakeries utilize funds?

All funds received go to local bakeries we have cut wholesales deals with - Your continued donations are crucial in enabling us to build our own bakeries in these regions so we can cut costs even further, hence allowing us to serve more families.

4. Does Muslims Charity Bakeries have plans to expand?

Muslims Charity Bakeries' goal is to help impoverished families across the globe wherever needed. We have immediate plans to open branches in Syria, Central Africa, and Bangladesh and will continue to grow.

5. Am I able to volunteer?

Yes, please reach out to us at info@muslimscharity.org to inquire about what positions we are currently seeking for at the moment.
Muslims Charity Bakeries, a subsidiary brand of Muslims Giving Back, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.
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Muslims Charity Bakeries is a project of Muslims Giving Back.