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The Problem

According to theUnited Nation's Food & Agriculture organization, over 815,000,000 suffer from chronic undernourishment. That means 1 in every 10 people across the world go to bed hungry.In some regions of the world, such as Gaza, Yemen, and Pakistan, over half the population struggles to find clean water and a decent meal.In these regions, millions have fled their homes multiple times, taking refuge in conflict-ridden areas because there is nowhere else to go.More than half of the victims in Yemen, Gaza, and Pakistan are women and young children.

The Solution

Muslims Charity Bakeries was founded on the idea that everyone across the world has a right to access food.While we can pray for the world to become a better place, the truth of the matter is - we need to work together and do our part in helping end world hunger.We cannot stop the fighting, we cannot stop the conflict and the politics - but we can at the very least make sure that less people go to bed hungry.
Muslims Charity Bakeries is a signature project of Muslims Giving Back, a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, New York. After years of successfully operating Need2Feed, a project focused on eradicating hunger in the homeless community of New York City, we decided to expand our horizons and help free our brothers and sisters from the shackles of hunger on a global scale.It is important to take a step back, appreciate what we have, and give back as much as we can - even if you can only give $5. That $5 you donate can literally feed a family of 4.With the COVID-19 pandemic making the situation even worse, we need to pitch in now more than ever before, and not ignore our brothers and sisters in need.

But we cannot do this without your help!
Muslims Charity Bakeries, a subsidiary brand of Muslims Giving Back, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.
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Muslims Charity Bakeries is a project of Muslims Giving Back.